MageQuill Happy Meoween 2017

Christine curitana arstation sample
Happy Meoween Final 2D Image
Christine curitana value sketch
Christine curitana color keys
Color Keys

A halloween tribute to Alice in Wonderland with MageQuill the cat cosplaying as the Cheshire cat. Plus, a cheesy poem I wrote to come with it:

"Trick or treat the cat is here,
ready all your candies, my dear.
For tonight we jump and cheer,
and greet the cat with a sneer.

Don't you worry, we're all mad here.
There's really nothing to fear.
So go ahead and wipe your tear,
and celebrate the greatest halloween this year!"

My very first "splash" art animation made for MageQuill Publishing. It was a very fun project and I enjoyed coming up with ideas for it.

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